Sushic Fusion Food

It was one of these days where all you feel like eating is sushi!

Sushic Fusion Food Restaurant in Almada, Portugal was suggested by friends of mine who are familiar with the nicest japanese restaurants in Cape Town, so I knew I could trust them… and I was right!

Sushic is a very relaxing and modern restaurant with a fusion of traditional and contemporary japanese food.

The service is very good because they make you feel at home by asking “what do you feel like trying today?” or “I have something I think you might like!”

I believe that even people who aren’t fans of japanese food would enjoy trying this restaurant because the flavours are simply amazing due to the creative but balanced combination of ingredients.

And because “our eyes also eat”, I took a few photos to show you this amazing art!
Even if you live far away from Almada, it’s worth the ride there because you will struggle to find such a wonderful japanese restaurant!

Contact Information:

Mobile phones: +351 918 400 649/ +351 21 191 1965
Address: str. Abel Salazar
n9 – 9A Lisboa Almada Hotel
Sushic website.
Sushic on Facebook.


|Melissa De Sousa Nunes|

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