Portofino Restaurant Bar Sesimbra, Portugal

Here comes one of the best parts of my holidays in Portugal: FOOD!

Of course every country has his own specialties, but there is nothing like the food from our own country.

In my stay in Portugal I spent a few days in Sesimbra, a fishing town near Serra da Arrábida. It’s a very relaxing place but not so relaxing that you die of boredom. It’s just perfect! One of my favourites, not only for the beach but for the lovely restaurants.

World meet Portofino Restaurant Bar…

What can be better than a restaurant on the beach with views over the mountain and the harbour!?

I’ve been several times to this restaurant over the past four years and Chef Laranjeira always surprises me with alternative ways of making typical Portuguese dishes. So this is the ideal place to taste Portuguese food and if you are already familiar with it, then try a different approach.

Portofino also organises weddings, because you know…having your wedding at the beach is always a thing! You can take a look at the photographs and videos of these weddings on their Facebook page.

I made a selection of my favourite dishes I tasted this European Summer at Portofino, so enjoy and don’t forget to make a reservation as soon as possible!


Having olives on a Portuguese Restaurant table as a starter is almost a must! The key is to relish them with warm bread with butter. At Portofino you can even try the octopus salad and “Perceves”. Don’t get shocked by its weird appearance, it’s amazingly delicious!

Main courses

I believe that what makes Portuguese food so delicious is the fact that it is not too complex, we like to keep it simple and let the real flavour come out without any weird sauces. In Sesimbra it’s crucial for you to have seafood and fish because it’s local food, but of course everything else is great.

When it comes to fish at Portofino you can have Red Fish, Sea Bream, Seabass, Turbot or Grouper. I had Grouper fillets with “migas” (bread pudding) and vegetables. If you’re having seafood, please use the proper cutlery because you will enjoy it much more!

I suggested the wine “Grainha” for these meals.


Yes, from the photos below you can already see how delicious their drinks look and having them on the deck looking at the sea is the perfect combination!. The first one is a red fruits slushy, the second ones are Caipirinhas and the last one Sangria (a cold drink made of red or white wine mixed with brandy, sugar, fruit juice, and soda water).

I have so many main courses that I never have space for dessert, so keep that in mind while eating. Although I recommend you the Strawberry soup with Vanilla Ice Cream and the Chocolate Mousse cake with ice cream and crispy cracker.

“That moment where the waiter puts that weird stuff in the water and it grow”, I had to record it!

You can start making your reservation and if you say you come from my blog you might get extra olives…just kidding!

Contact Information:

Mobile phones: +351 919 480 282/ +351 926 768 927
Address: Praia do Ouro 2970 Sesimbra, Portugal
E-mail: portofino.restaurante.bar@gmail.com
Portofino on TripAdvisor.
Portofino on Facebook.


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