Travel Preparation Tips

I’ve been travelling since I was very little and packing for me is the easiest, quickest thing in the world. So you’ll understand my surprisement when people get all stressed out planning their luggage, weeks before their holidays. It’s just insane! photo (1)

That’s the reason why I decided to write this post and if it all looks too much for you to handle, don’t worry because the more you travel the more unconsciously you’ll go through all this packing process.

Oh and keep in mind that I do all of this the day before my flight. *Applause, applause…*

What and how to pack

Making lists always help making sure that you don’t forget anything. I have the tendency to put too much clothes in my luggage to the point where I have to sit on it for it to close. The key is to think that the luggage might get lost and you will lose all your outfits. This will make sure you keep it only to the essential. But also keep in mind what you’re going to do during holidays so you can choose your outfits accordingly.

Beauty and hygiene products can be a problem if you want to take the all the products with you. That’s why I bought these small bottles where I can put my shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, sunscreen, foundation, etc, and label them (yes, you don’t want to put shampoo on your face). This will save you space and weight. The products you can’t put on a small bottle, make sure you have a proper small bag to put them without it getting all messy.


When it comes to shoes and women, we know since the start that drama is about to happen! Too many shoes and not enough space. What I always do is think of what I’m going to do during my holidays and what pair of shoes I imagine myself in. Exactly like this:

photo (3)

Before going on the plane

  • Make sure you have all documents with you (especially your passport).
  • Check that all your devices are charged at home. (you’ll be glad you did this once you’re super bored on that 12 hours flight!)
  • Lip balm is waaaay too important to leave it at home.
  • Wear comfortable clothes, shoes and make sure that you know how the weather is going to be at your destination so you can choose your clothes according to that.
  • Always remember that up there in the skies is always freezing and a jacket will be a must!

To avoid robberies

I’ve been robbed several times while travelling, so I learned the lesson and now I’m very careful with all my luggage.

Make sure that you put anything that is valuable on your personal bag, the one who goes with you everywhere. This would include, jewelry, iPads, laptops, cameras, documents, phones, etc.

What not to put on your bag

If you want to save space and weight, think of all the things that the hotel where you’ll be staying might have. For example, I never take my beach towel with me because it takes huge amount of space and the places where I stay always have one. If hotels don’t have it, maybe you’ll be able to buy it and use the remaining space for what is really important.

Something that you should NEVER, I repeat, NEVER put in your bag is a nail polish remover because the chances of it dropping and ruining everything you have are infinite.

On the flight

  • Drink plenty of water because dehydration leaves you tired, anxious and queasy.
  • Try to sleep as much as possible to kill time and to avoid acting like a zombie once you land.
  • Avoid watching movies when the lights are off, it doesn’t only bother other passengers who are trying to sleep but will also give you headache.
  • Exercise your body. We all know how those flight exercises that they suggest on the small screens are ridiculous, but take a walk once in a while.

Now enjoy your holidays and make sure you leave the stress at home!


|Melissa De Sousa Nunes|

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