Bokeh Fashion Film Festival

The weather in Cape Town has been a “don’t leave the house” kind of weather for the past weeks, but that didn’t stop anyone from attending the first Bokeh Fashion Film Festival. Red carpet, designers, photographers, producers, here we go…

Cape Town, being already a top destination for fashion photo shoots and the favourite location for international film crews, is the perfect place to held the Bokeh Fashion Film Festival. This festival lasts 3 days, between the 5-7 June 2014 and it’s a place where designers showcase their collections around the theme “Stories in a Mercedes-Benz”. And guess what, the winning filmmaker, who needs to produce a short movie capturing the essence of the Mercedes brand, walks away with the Mercedes-Benz Award.

The festival was held at Crossley & Webb showroom in Gardens.

“Our involvement with fashion is a central component of our lifestyle marketing activities, and the Mercedes-Benz brand partnership with the Bokeh Fashion Film Festival plays an important role in highlighting our perspective in the world of fashion film,” says Claudia Walters, Marketing Communication Manager, Mercedes-Benz Passenger Cars.

“Fashion and automobiles are actually more closely linked than one might imagine at first glance. Design and image govern both industries, and are among the most important determining factors to the success of both automobile and fashion brands,” adds Walters.

But of course, you also got to win something! I had my hair done by Casey from ghd, who made me beachy waves with an amazing technique. Karen from Mac did my make-up, smoky eyes, and taught me how to get perfect and even winged eyeliner.


The first talk I attended was about the best filming locations in Cape Town and who would’ve thought that half of the movies we watch and we think they’re filmed in France, USA, UK, etc are actually filmed right here, in places like Hout Bay, Stellenbosch or Hermanus! You can take a look at the rest of the program here.

I had a very nice experience and I would definitely recommend you to attend this festival, especially if filming and Fashion is one of your passions.

Bokeh Fashion Film Festival Website:


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