Hermanus: African Pride Mosselberg Hotel

The African Pride Mosselberg on Grotto Beach Hotel is a very relaxing place. You have the views from the mountain and the sound of the waves to make sure that all the stress is taken away.

This 5-star hotel has a very good entertaining area with a swimming pool, bar, lounge, a great deck to tan in summer, a pool table and wi-fi.

Each room is individually decorated and named after different aspects from the area. There is the Fynbos room where I stayed, Olive Deluxe Room, Pinotage Deluxe Room, Sugarbird Suite and the Southern Right Suite. All of these rooms have amazing views to the sea where between the months of July and November you can watch the whales.



This hotel only offers breakfasts and light meals when the chef is not on holidays, which was the case. This is not the first time I visit Hermanus and I always struggle to find a good restaurant. A lot of people suggested the “Lemon-Butta” but the service was awful. This time I tried an Italian Restaurant “Fabio’s”, but that’s a “wannabee” Italian Restaurant and if you know a minimum about Italian cuisine, my advise is not to eat there. But this time, I finally found a restaurant with good service and nice food, “La Pentola”.

photo 5 (3)

African Pride Mosselberg Contact

Tel: +27 (28) 314 0055
E-mail: bookings@mosselberg.co.za
Website: www.africanpridehotels.com
Facebook: African-Pride-Mosselberg-on-Grotto-Beach
It was a wonderful stay and I hope to come back , but this time in Summer so I can enjoy the swimming pool.


|Melissa De Sousa Nunes|

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