We’re Moving to Mars- Flux Trends #WWWWH

If you love fashion and trends and you like to know what will happen in the next few years, Flux Trend’s talk on Who, What, When, Why, How S/S 14/15, at Fire & Ice Hotel, Cape Town, was the place to be!
Thanks to A Fashion Friend Magazine I was present at this amazing Trend Talk by winning their giveaway competition.
I arrived a few minutes earlier before it all started and I was welcomed by the lovely Tumi who immediately introduced me to Nicola Cooper who gave us the Trend Report. Both congratulated me for the creative name of my blog, which is always nice to hear!FJ7B2653_edit-1
Nicola Cooper is the Head of Design at Platinum Group, holds BA and Honours degrees in Visual Arts, a Diploma in outcome-based facilitation and currently in the final year of her MA in Fine Art specialising in local subcultures studies.  Nicola lectured at LISOF in the areas of trend analysis, fashion media and historical fashion studies. She also worked with brands such as MTV/MTV Base. Nicola’s academic background and street level experience combined with her long-term work within the Fashion, Lifestyle and Pop Cultural industry makes her a well-respected expert in her field.

Nicola continues her work in the fashion, lifestyle and pop culture space as a Senior Trend Analyst at Flux Trends.  She offers a unique take on Trend Analysis and a knowledgeable perspective on trends, products, complexities and creative conceptual problem solving for your business.

A few minutes later I met Marli Du Toit. We were both the winners of A Fashion Friend competition and we chat about blogs, fashion and travelling for a while until Dion Chang, founder of Flux Trends initiated the speech:
“This presentation focuses on the pioneers, innovators, influencers and visionaries and unpacks a spectrum of lifestyle elements associated with fashion trends.”
Nicola started by showing us a clip of the movie ‘Devil Wears Prada’, which represented very well the idea of what certain people have of fashion and what is her job exactly about.
The first trend analysis was Sports Luxe and if you are wondering what it is about just think about the new look of Miley Cyrus, which was in reality inspired by the singer Brooke Candy. See any similarities in these photographs?

We were then introduced with this Music Video of Brooke Candy so we could have an idea of what this trend is all about:

Nicola proceeded to tell us that, nowadays, with technology we are facing information overload and that’s the reason why we start craving for the simple things. That’s when Minimalism comes into play with the innovator Iris Van Herpen and his 3D printing. You can read all about this designer here.
And because after constructing something comes the deconstruction phase, here comes the Deconstructionism Trend based on rebellion and you just have to think of Justin Bieber and Kanye West latest looks:
To give us an idea of what this trend is all about, Nicola showed us this new Music Video of Skrillex filmed in Johannesburg, South Africa, and Kanye West Music Video that perfectly reflects rebellion:

The session was ended with the Afro Futurism Trend with innovators such as Brogan Toyn and South African Petite Noir:

After the Trend Talk we were offered a few snacks and champagne at Protea Fire&Ice Hotel rooftop with a lovely view of Table Mountain!

Flux Trends Website: http://fluxtrends.co.za/


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