Travel Journal: Namibia Day Three

We woke up quite early on our third day in Namibia, mostly because we had a long way to drive till Etosha National Park, but also because we wanted to find that Geo cache!

So after breakfast at Pelican Point Lodge, we started our search arround the lighthouse. The clue they gave us was ‘Knock on wood’ and there was a metal box at the lighthouse wooden door. It made perfect sense! I tried to open it with all my strength and nothing! Something was wrong, so we asked the lodge owners to see if they heard something about it but they didn’t even know what Geocaching was. We kept searching arround the lodge and the lighthouse but we found nothing except for this curious seal staring at us.

photo 1

It was time to go to Etosha, which was 625km away from Walvis Bay, which means that we had to say goodbye to the Pelican Point Lodge. Of course a bit dissapointed for not finding the Geo cache, but happy with the different experience that was this lodge.

While on our drive to Etosha we passed by the famous Dune Seven!

It was almost 4pm when we arrived to the Emanya @ Etosha Lodge, which is a 5-star safari lodge situated a 20 minutes’ drive from the famous Etosha National Park. For someone who likes wild animals and photography this is the right place to be! Here are a few photos of the Lodge outside and also of my room. (

On my way to the room I noticed that I had two ‘roommates’. The first one was a crocodile and no, I didn’t take a photo of it. It wasn’t worth the risk. And the second was this huge camel that should start using perfume! He was quite friendly though!

It was almost dinner time when they started setting up the fire pit near the pool and a few animals came to drink water at the lodge’s waterhole.

For dinner, we first had Crab stick as a pre starter followed by Chicken Curry as a starter.

As a main I had the Rump steak with vegetables right after they offered a lemon amuse bouche and for dessert I ordered a Cheesecake.

The food was good but nothing compared to what I had at the Pelican Point Lodge in Walvis Bay.

It was time to go to bed, after seven hours of driving and knowing that I had to wake up early the next day to visit the park, not even the camel’s smell made me stay awake!

Travel Journal: Namibia Day Four (last day) coming soon…


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