Travel Journal: Namibia Day Two

I love sleeping but when you’re in a new place like this you won’t stay in bed for long. One of the good things of waking up at the Pelican Point Lodge is that you get to shower and brush your teeth while looking at the sea through the room’s panoramic window.

It was time for a good breakfast because today we planned to go visit Walvis Bay.

On our way out of the Lodge it’s impossible to ignore the saline, where you can see pink, blue and green water, and an incredible number of flamingos just waiting for photos to be taken. Well, that’s not actually true because they get easily scared. Remember to not get too close to the saline, chances are you’re going to slip, fall and look stupid.

Walvis Bay means ‘Whale Bay’ and it’s a lovely fishing village with a scenic beauty and unique marine and plant life. It’s perfect for people who like the outdoor lifestyle and sports like sandboarding, kiting, surfing, swimming, angling, sailing, golf, etc. I visited the Harbour where you can find restaurants, galleries and gift shops.

It was almost lunch time when we found the restaurant ‘Lyon des Sables’ owned by a French but with a Namibian Chef. Don’t judge me for not going to a 100% Namibian Restaurant, I really tried but they weren’t very kind to me. Next time I’ll make sure I mention that I’m a blogger. SAMSUNG CSC

As a starter I went again for a butternut soup ( it was quite cold outside that day, so that was the perfect choice). And I also got to taste the Bruschetta.

As a main I ordered a grilled sole (it’s just logical to eat fish at a fishing village) with salad and puree.

As a dessert I had a delicious chocolate ice cream. One of the best I ever ate!


It was quite late when we finished lunch and we didn’t want to drive at night to the lodge, the chances of getting stuck in the sand were too many. So we immediately left the Harbour and my dad decided to drive till the lodge without calling anyone to help us. We arrived safe and sound and it was a huge miracle! That afternoon I met these two crazy dogs (Sky and Ty), they’re the lodge owners pets and they are adorable!

photo 3

photo 2

While having dinner my sister decided to go online (yes, we had electricity!) and find out if there was any Geo caches near us. If you don’t know what Geocaching is take a look at this website:

She found out that there was one right in the lighthouse and we got so excited that I forgot to photograph what I had for dinner. I had a very nice greek salad as a starter and chicken for main. Both were great and you’ll have to trust my word. It was already too dark to go find it and there was plenty of coyotes outside, so we had to leave it for the next morning before leaving to the Etosha Natural Park!

Travel Journal: Namibia Day Three coming soon…


|Melissa De Sousa Nunes|

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2 thoughts on “Travel Journal: Namibia Day Two

  1. Dear Melissa,

    How great it is to read about your wonderful experiences at Pelican Point Lodge. I am sorry that you missed the Geocach object which is not at the Lighthouse itself but at …… I will be glad to assist you locating it at your next stay (

    Warm holiday greetings,
    Dirk Maes


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