Travel Journal: Namibia Day One

Waking up at 4am to catch a flight from Cape Town to Namibia. It sounds like a challenge but when it’s your first time visiting a country, sleeping is not an option!


I finally got to visit Namibia with my family! After landing in Windhoek, we rented a Toyota Hilux pickup truck and drove till Walvis Bay. We had a reservation at the Pelican Point Lodge and they informed us that we needed a 4×4 to get there because it is situated on a stretch of land, the peninsula of Pelican Point at Walvis Bay with the untouched beaches of the Atlantic Ocean on the one side and the Lagoon of Walvis Bay on the other.

We looked at the map, put the GPS on and we could see the lighthouse from where we were standing.

It looked so easy! Well it was not! The sand can get you confused if it’s your first time driving to the lodge and of course we got lost and stuck in the sand before even getting there! My advise is to drive a 4×4, but to call the lodge in advance so they can lead you with their own car till the lighthouse, just like we had to do.


I guess getting stuck in the sand it’s part of the Namibian Adventure! The Lodge owners who, by the way, were South African, we’re very kind and helped us getting to our destination. Once we arrived at the lodge we asked ourselves ‘How can a place like this be in the middle of nowhere?’

Here are a few photos that I took so you can have the same feeling:

It was time for a well deserved welcome drink while our luggage was carried to our rooms. And that was when we find out about the ‘rules’ of the lodge. Silly me for thinking that a place like this in the middle of nowhere would be like any other lodge!

This place works with a generator. There’s only electricity for a few hours at night and a few hours in the morning. When it comes to water, saving is the key. Using plenty of towels is a big NO and when showering, while waiting for the warm water, there’s a bucket that you can fill up with the cold one and use it later when the generator is off. Well nothing you shouldn’t be doing at home, here you just don’t have the choice to do it any other way. The lighthouse works with solar panels.

If you have been reading my previous travel posts you know that my first thought was ‘What about WiFi?’ There is WiFi and it’s free but of course, you can only access the internet when there’s electricity

After getting  comfortable at the lodge it’s time to explore the surroundings and I’m a big fan of animals, so when I heard that there was a group of seals chilling at the beach, I had to go take some photographs!

It was time for dinner and I got very excited because that wouldn’t only mean that I would be finally tasting the Namibian food but also that we would have electricity! I guess I wasn’t very lucky… One of the generators pieces was broken and while they were trying to replace it we had dinner with the light of candles. The food was delicious though!

I had a butternut soup as a starter and for main I had hake with rice and vegetables. I was so tired from the flight that I immediately fell asleep after dinner.

Travel Journal: Namibia Day Two coming soon…


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