A weekend by the ocean

It’s time to close your laptop, forget all those deadlines for a few days and get a relaxed weekend in a five star hotel by the ocean.SAMSUNG CSC

I spent this past weekend at Strandloper Ocean Boutique Hotel located in Paternoster, a small fishing village with lovely white houses that lies along the West Coast.

After being welcomed with a fresh lemonade at the hotel’s lounge, I was informed about all the activities existent, not only at the hotel but also at the village.

The available activities include swimming (this one doesn’t apply to me because I find the Atlantic Ocean extremely cold), kite surfing, horse riding, crayfishing, biking, archery (which you can do at the hotel) and massages at the hotel’s spa ‘Elements’.

My first thought after hearing ‘archery’ was ‘I need to do that!’ but the wind was not in favour so I chose a long walk along the shore with my family and because there’s still a child inside of me, I had to collect seashells and make a shell necklace. And that’s when I found the skull and bones of a baby seal:


Okay, I won’t creep you out anymore! Take a look at a few photos I took of my stay in Strandloper Ocean Boutique Hotel:

The Hotel

The Room

When it comes to having a good meal you should definitely eat at the hotel. Unfortunately, the restaurant is not open every day, which is a shame because I tried a few restaurants at the village and they’re nothing special. Also it’s very important that you book in advance, not only for the Hotel’s restaurant because there are limited seats, but also for any other restaurants because they are frequently fully booked (remember, that doesn’t reflect much on the quality of the food if there’s not much choice).


At dinner I was welcomed with the chef’s special gaspacho. As a main I had a nice grilled fillet with vegetables and smashed potatoes. For dessert I had a delicious creme brulee.


For breakfast I had the selection of cheese, crepes with chocolate&berries and a cappuccino. Excellent!


If you visit Paternoster from July to December you can go for whale and dolphin watching. From August to October it’s the season of wild and indigenous flowers. During the entire year you can kayak and discover the penguin colony.

If you have been at this hotel before and have a few photos to share, send them to melissadesousanunes@gmail.com and I’ll publish it on Tiger On a Gold Leash Facebook page.


Paternoster is approximately 145km from Cape Town. You can visit their website for exact directions. And if you’re not taking your car, helicopter and limousine services are also available.



Website: http://www.strandloperocean.com/

E-mail: info@strandloperocean.com

Telephone#: +27 21 794 5858

I would definitely recommend you to spend a few relaxing days at this hotel, so when you’re back to work you’re fully charged!


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