African Pride Hotel

This last holidays, while everyone was stressing doing their Christmas SAMSUNG CSCshopping, I was chilling in Johannesburg, drinking a Mojito with my feet in the water.

That doesn’t mean my family and friends didn’t get any gifts. I’m just very well organised.

I’ve been a few times at African Pride Hotel (Melrose Arch) and they always treated me like royalty with some welcome snacks, perfumed rooms and delicious breakfasts. You can admire the artwork all over the hotel, the lifts are so artistic that you forget where you are while changing floors.

Take a swim at the pool outside and if you decide to have a drink or something to eat, no need to leave the pool! The tables are right there and a waiter will attend you right away.

Of course there’s always the Wifi problem. You only have the right to 500MB (Common, I’m a blogger, people!).

Appart from that, this hotel is excellent, especially if you want to escape from all the Joburg urban stress. You have plenty of shops and restaurants nearby but I recommend you to start by trying the hotel’s own restaurant, not only because of the food but also because of the very luxurious decoration of the space.

Here are a few photos taken by me (click on the images for a better view):

Check their website:

See you soon,

Melissa De Sousa Nunes

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