SA Swimsuit Launch Party

Blogger Cherri-Lee and I and the party.
Blogger Cherri-Lee and I and the party.

Not all parties include a Mercedes fetching you and taking you to the entrance of Shimmy Beach Club. Name on the list, welcome cocktail and beautiful people enjoying a Friday night. Seems legit to me.


Netsport Media’s annual swimsuit issue, SA Swimsuit, was launched on Friday 18th October. Sponsored by Bridgestone SA and Mainstay. And I was lucky enough to be invited as a blogger.

This is not the first time I was at Shimmy Beach Club, I was there last year for the Hottest Bartender competition organised by Cosmopolitan Magazine. (

It’s one of my favourite places and I think it worked perfectly in terms of theme. The smell of the ocean while looking at swimwear and knowing summer is at the door. Who doesn’t want that?

During the party, the cover girl was announced and the winner was Genevieve Morton!

Genevieve Mourton
Genevieve Morton. Cover Girl

You can check SA Swimsuit’s Facebook page here:



The November issue is on sale from the 23rd of October with SA Rugby and SA Cricket magazines.

Explaining how the party was is nothing compared to watch it yourself so, you can take a look at the photos and videos that I took at the party:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photos by Winston Kletter Photography

Read this post about SA Swimsuit from Checlemel for a review of the party. A blog where I also write to:

See you soon,

Melissa De Sousa Nunes

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