Show me your true colours


Photograph by Eugene Brand

The Holi Festival of Colours is an Indian traditional festival that consists of people painting themselves with various colours and throw colourful powder in the air to express the freedom and to colour their everyday life. At this festival all people are supposed to be equal, no matter what.

This is the first time I went to a colour festival, but even though after four showers I still have pink hair, I would do it all over again!

The location was the Sahara Park in Newlands, great space for a great number of people. The only problem that day was the weather. After an entire week of sunny days, on Saturday, the 12th of October the skies decided to prank us.

1382815_247273725426622_2143191669_nNot that it bothered a lot of people at the festival because every time it would rain, people would start dancing and singing even louder. And every time the sun shine again, the colours were just incredible!

For me, it was very disappointing the fact that we were promised that the group Mi Casa were going to perform. To be honest that was the reason why I chose to go to this colour festival and not another one. The day before the festival we are informed that they are not going to perform and that was quite sad.

Apart from this, the organisation was quite good, everyone at that festival was nice to each other and now we all adding each others on Facebook to share photos. And that was one of the reasons why I was there. Because a colour festival has all the ingredients for good photographs! Take a look at mine:

This was the line-up:

★ Pascal & Pearce
★ Roger Goode
★ Jeremy Loops
★ Ryan L
★ Kirsti
★ Plaigarythm

IMG_2312The weather made it more enjoyable. Usually I’m worried about how I look and what others think of me, but at the colour festival I didn’t care. My advice to others when going to the colour festival: wear boots (preferably wellingtons) and old or cheap clothes.” – Cherri-Lee Rhode (

These are a few videos I filmed at the festival:


Facebook page:

See you soon,

Melissa De Sousa Nunes

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