Hottest Bartender 2013

A competition between the hottest bartenders, at a beach club, on a hot summer night in Cape Town, with a lemon, pear and caviar daiquiri on your hand and sand on your feet.

It seems very tempting, right?

Well, I was there, at Shimmy’s Beach club on the 14th of March, me and other beautiful people.
Don’t worry if you missed it, I’m going to tell you everything about it and by the end of this post you’ll feel like you’ve just experienced that night.

Over the past few months, Cosmopolitan magazine in collaboration with Collision White Gold Brandy had conducted a search to find SA’s Hottest Bartender.

These pretty faces were some of the selected ones that had to compete in the grande finale at Cape Town.

From left to right: Domenico De Lorenzo, Johnny Bezuidenhout, Donovan Prince, Dillon Nuss and Gabriella Trollip. Courtesy of
From left to right: Domenico De Lorenzo, Johnny Bezuidenhout, Donovan Prince, Dillon Nuss and Gabriella Trollip.
Courtesy of

What was expected from the top 10 in the competition? They were not just being judged based on their beauty, but also on their cocktail making skills and their crowd interaction. Each of them had to make their signature cocktail in only 3 minutes.

And guess who was there! DJ Poppy from 5FM, who took to the stage and introduced the judges on the night: Yolanda from Cosmopolitan magazine, Caroline from Collison’s White Gold Brandy, Graeme from Expresso and Travis.

And the winner is…

Johnny Bezuidenhout who works at Café Caprice in Camps Bay and who took his shirt off for extra points! Or maybe just to show his tattoos.

You can follow him on Twitter: @JohnnyBacardiSA

And here it is, his Cocktail recipe!

2 shots Collison’s
3-4 shots pressed apple juice

1 fresh lemon wedge squeeze
0.5 shot cinnamon-infused sugar syrup

Dip the glass in the sugar syrup, then into crushed shortbread biscuits. Serve straight up in a margarita coupette glass with an apple slice, rolled cinnamon and a spiral lemon twist.

You should definately try it at home!

Now I leave you with some photos from the event, courtesy of

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I hope you enjoy the last days of summer!
See you soon,


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