Inspirational needs?

So this is what happened today; I went to college at 8:30am and, when I arrived to class, my lecturer told us that we were going to search for stories to write, in town. We got to choose one topic for our story and then, she literally left us, each one of us, in different places, alone, in the most windy day of all times!

The topic that I chose was Design, so I thought that I should walk around and find some interesting buildings in Barrack Street, Cape Town, but no. Let’s say that it was impossible to ‘walk around’ with all that horrible wind.

That’s when I decide to search for a quiet place and I saw {Field Office}.

From outside you could see how originally decorated that place is, I decided to go in, pick a table at a corner of the entrance, so I could have a perspective of the whole place and see what was going on, while I was drinking my cappuccino. That’s when I noticed that every client had an iPad or a laptop, the reason? Free internet WiFi!

I wanted to know more about the place, so I ask one of the very nice employees if he could tell me the history of it, and he pointed right at the lady sitting behind me; Shani Engelbrecht, the manager of {Field Office}

The place is owned by Luke Pedersen and James Lennard, who created the cafe as a showroom for their furniture, two years ago. You can find Pedersen+Lennard projects and products here:

It’s a very inspiring and artistic place, the perfect spot to write, draw, blog, and everything that requires inspiration.

I leave you here some pictures that I took today:

You can like them on Facebook so you can be updated with their events:

And follow them on Twitter: @The_FieldOffice

You can also visit their website:

It’s the end of this post, so you can grab your car keys, or just walk to any of those two places:

Field Office
37 Barrack Street
Cape Town
021 461 4599
Weekdays 7am – 4pm

Field Office
The Woodstock Exchange
66 Albert Road
021 447 2020
Weekdays 7:30am – 4:30pm

Have a nice cup of inspiration! See You soon!

Melissa De Sousa Nunes

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