Tapisco Lisbon| Restaurant Review

A few weeks ago I was announced one of the winners of a competition held by Lisboa.come along with Tapisco restaurant.

A few weeks later it was my birthday along with Tapisco’s birthday and what better occasion to visit and try out Chef Henrique Sá Pessoa’s recipes.

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After living in Spain for more than 7 years and considering Spanish cuisine one of the best in the world, standards were quite high.

Croquetas de jamón ibérico caught my eye straight away. I can’t remember when was the last time I had some of these, but I can say they were very good.

Choco Frito com maionese de coentros e lima – this is a very typical Portuguese dish and I have to recommend that amazing mayo.

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Gambas al Ajillo – An all time favourite, perfect to eat along with bread. If you think this is weird, then you have no idea of what you’re missing out.

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Tortilla de Patata – I have to admit that I’m not a fan of this dish. My sister ordered it, she’s quite an expert of when it comes to tortillas and unfortunately we all agreed that it tasted like a french omelette instead of a tortilla. I would add more potato to the recipe.

Huevos rotos con paletilla ibérica – You can never go wrong with jamón, unless you add caramelised onions, then it’s a big NO. And unfortunately, that was the case.

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Legumes Grelhados com salsa Romesca – Delicious, probably my favourite!


The restaurant is very well located at Príncipe Real. The decoration was very “taberna” in a modern way, which makes you feel relaxed.


There are a few other options on the menu that I would like to try, so if you’re visiting Tapisco make sure you leave a comment below with your feedback!

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5 Hidden Gems on Australia’s East Coast| Guest Blogger Zara Lewis

5 Hidden Gems on Australia_s East Coast

Everyone knows that Australian East Coast is stunning – from Sydney to Cairns, we all know the famous beautiful sports that are worth visiting. But what about those less popular? Are there any unknown locations with untouched beauty that we haven’t yet discovered? Yep! A ton of these, but here we’d like to show you some of our favorites. Want some inspiration on what to visit on your next trip to Australia? Look no further.

Rainbow Beach

Rainbow beach

Rainbow beach, photo by Texaus1

What other town is going to let you sand sled down the hills? An amazingly fun place that definitely deserves a stay, Rainbow Beach is full of multi-colored sand, friendly, folk, and excellent little inns that offer some of the best seafood dishes around. After this, you can simply go see the more popular Fraser Island, but do try to spend at least a day or two here to enjoy the atmosphere.



Town of 1770, photo by Eyeintim

A town named after a year! How charming is that? Named because James Cook came ashore there in 1770, it’s a quaint, beautiful little place that’s perfect for anyone who loves watching sunsets and lazing around, surrounded by nature. You can go kayaking, surfing, or simply stay at the Tree Bar in one of the beach hotels if you want to grab a good bite to eat. This little town was the founding spot of Australia, and as such it carries history and culture in it, along with fun water sports and nice town folk.

Byron Bay


Byron Bay, photo by Delphine Ducaruge

Mmm, Byron Bay, what a gorgeous coastal town. An excellent choice both for adventurers and fans of luxury, since it has some of the best Byron Bay accommodation options that will let you stay at a beautiful resort and enjoy a few relaxing spa days, good restaurants, and stunning sights. Make sure to visit Cape Byron Lighthouse and the Lighthouse Trail, and enjoy the opportunity to dive, swim, or have a bike ride tour around the whole place. The Arakwal National Park is also really close, and it’s well-known for its wildlife and swimming opportunities. If you have the time, definitely check it out.

Port Douglas

Port Douglas

Port Douglas, photo by James Jardine

Right after Byron Bay, it’s easy to make a trip to Port Douglas and enjoy competing in a sailing race or simply learning how to sail. This little town is really special mostly because of its incredible atmosphere – everyone is really sweet, friendly, and they absolutely love hanging out, so it’s the nicest place to go to if you want to meet some new friends. Who knows, maybe you even meet a cute Aussie guy that will show you how to surf? After this, continue on to finally see the Great Barrier Reef and Daintree National Park and you won’t regret it.

Emu Park

Emu park

Emu Park, photo by Philip N Young

Peaceful, tiny, and absolutely charming – this little village is full of parks and beaches and it’s the perfect spot to go to if you want some quiet nature and leisurely strolls by the sea. This place also hosts big monthly markets and ‘Festival of the Wind,’ so there’s plenty to do and see, and a lot of places where you can shop. There’s a nice little fishing creek for anyone who’s a fan, and there’s also the famous Singing Ship sculpture that produces gentle, singing sounds whenever the wind blows through the fluted pipes.

The best way to explore Australia, or any place at all, is to simply go on an adventure. Both luxury and sense of fun can be present if you allow yourself to be spontaneous and explore these less-known places that are full of utterly unique, interesting things. Snap some pics, enjoy yourself, and then brag to your friends about your discoveries when you return.

Zara Lewis

Contributing editor at Ripped.me

Contributor at TheWellnessInsider

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How to Feed Your Kitten| Olivia Series

Olivia is a very energetic kitten and living indoors we need to make sure she gets, not only enough exercise, but the ideal diet for a kitten her age.

So I had the opportunity to visit Pets At Home for a nutritional consultation where I was able to ask all the questions I had about feeding Olivia. Now I’m able to share with you a few tips.


Kittens grow rapidly up to around 12 months of age, so the nourishment you give your pet should support this important period of their life.

Dry Food or Wet Food?

Olivia isn’t fussy when it comes to food and she’s happy whether it is wet from a sachet, or dry from a bag. In her eyes, food is food, so it is up to us as her “humans” to give her the best to help with her development and support her immune system.

We decided to give wet and dry food to our kitten since both have great benefits. For example, wet food is much softer than dry food and easier to eat. Olivia finds the smell and texture attractive and it increases the water she ingests. Dry food is easier to measure, has a long shelf-life, keeps Olivia’s teeth healthy since she chews on abrasive foods and they are small and easy to swallow.

When Should I Feed Her?

Olivia has a feeding schedule so that we can monitor what she’s eating and  also her weight.

She eats minimum three meals per day; breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She has her snack/treat in the middle of the afternoon and I take that opportunity to teach her a few tricks.

Kitten foods usually come with a guide on recommended portion size based on the  kitten’s age. Although this is a great starting point, each kitten is different. If you notice your kitten losing or gaining a little bit of weight, scale their food appropriately.

I was told at Pets At Home that if Olivia doesn’t finish her food that is absolutely fine, we don’t always finish what is on our plates. If it is kitten kibble, feel free to leave it down for your pet to nibble at. If your kitten hasn’t returned to their wet food within 30 minutes, throw it away.

What Treats Can I Give Her?

Treats should be used as a training tool or reward. We tend to go for organic, natural or raw treats and we make sure we don’t give her too many on the same day.

Cat Milk can be used as a treat. It’s not essential to kitten’s diet like I thought it was. Which is a good thing because Olivia is not a big fan of milk!

Just a few last tips:

  • Don’t leave wet food out, as it can quickly go bad.
  • Store food in a cool place.
  • Don’t buy more dry food than you can use in a few weeks.
  • Your kitten should always have access to fresh water.

What your kitten eats in his first year of life helps form the foundation for a lifetime of good nutrition, so be sure to feed a quality kitten diet to help him on his way to healthy adulthood.

If you would like to take your kitten to a nutritional consultation like I did you can book it here – Pets At Home.


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