Bookstore Ler Devagar| O bolo da Marta

Lisbon has several nice places to study. You can choose a spot with a view, a silent spot, a noisy spot, a hidden spot, and you can choose a delicious, cozy and original spot, the Livraria Ler Devagar, a bookstore in LX Factory is that kind of spot.

 photo IMG_4611_zps6kglfzmr.jpg  photo IMG_4602_zpss7jbnbav.jpg  photo IMG_4629_zpsfqtoj0io.jpg  photo IMG_4626_zpssg3uswn4.jpg

With a floor-to-ceiling shelves filled with books, thought-provoking art, entertainment and delicious ice cream cakes made this bookstore the perfect space to spend an afternoon.

 photo IMG_4615_zpsipavmams.jpg  photo IMG_4614_zpsmtw9l6mj.jpg

Ler Devagar means, literally, “read slowly” in Portuguese. You can find a large selection of books, even in foreign languages; concerts; plays; performance artists and art exhibitions.

 photo IMG_4607_zpsfek6dfqh.jpg  photo IMG_4601_zpsi3pzn5wu.jpg

On the first floor you can have the famous “bolo da Marta” with different ingredients such as, Nutella, fruit, cookies, condensed milk, etc.

 photo IMG_4639_zpsqtgw32ls.jpg  photo IMG_4637_zpstym0wvst.jpg  photo IMG_4610_zps61vw1j1w.jpg   photo IMG_4625_zpsnqtbthte.jpg

Every Sunday, Ler Devagar transforms into a market fair with kitsch antiques, comfort food, vintage clothing, urban crafts, plants, etc.

Contact Details

Address:  LX Factory, Rua Rodrigues Faria, 103,
Livraria Ler Devagar, Edifício G, Piso 0, Espaço 0.3,
Alcântara, Lisboa
Telephone: +351 918 929 654
O bolo da Marta on Zomato.

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Zomato Foodie Meetup at Carnalentejana

The moment you receive a Zomato Foodie Meetup invitation, you know you have to start doing exercise every day and start eating very small amounts of food, in order to save space for the enormous meal that’s coming your way.

These foodie meetups are kind of a get-together of people who share the same love for food.

The chosen restaurant for this meetup (my first one) was Carnalentejana, which translates to “Alentejo’s Meat”. Alentejo being a region on the South of Portugal, very well-known for the quality of its food and wines.

 photo IMG_4684_zpsff0cgp6d.jpg  photo IMG_4697_zpsyf8xynwm.jpg  photo IMG_4695_zpsibixi5gn.jpg  photo IMG_4686_zpsivgrmq8m.jpg

After a brief explanation of how’s the concept of the restaurant all about, we got served small portions of a big variety of starters, so we could taste every single one of them. Amongst those starters we had croquettes, scrambled eggs with sausage, marinated oxtail, etc.

 photo IMG_4648_zpsi4iixsjq.jpg  photo IMG_4642_zpshuidmjvw.jpg  photo IMG_4643_zpsmmwspkhv.jpg   photo IMG_4646_zps9pe9tvc3.jpg  photo IMG_4639_zpsd5efkegr.jpg   photo IMG_4676_zpsktxi4ovg.jpg

For the main course, we also got to taste several dishes, but I’ll let the photographs speak for themselves.

 photo IMG_4656_zps60tmc43g.jpg  photo IMG_4664_zpsphgdvkk8.jpg  photo IMG_4662_zpsc7bs2iyw.jpg  photo IMG_4657_zpsr3ej2pee.jpg  photo IMG_4665_zpswcjnnfl1.jpg  photo IMG_4667_zpsawwmnypt.jpg  photo IMG_4671_zpswrxckp3y.jpg  photo IMG_4679_zpsweqit9qm.jpg

And if you think that a meat restaurant doesn’t have delicious desserts, then you are so wrong.

 photo IMG_4690_zpsla06tfxe.jpg

I want to thank Zomato for this kind invitation and also a big thanks to the restaurant Carnalentejana for offering us such an unique experience of flavours.

 photo IMG_4699_zpsbwjhxzad.jpg  photo IMG_4678_zpsgawckx0h.jpg

Contact Details photo IMG_4693_zpsvikdjv9t.jpg

Address: Rua da Beneficência, 229 D,
Entrecampos, Lisboa
Telephone: +351 218 237 126/ +351 966 727 235
Carnalentejana on Zomato.

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#Primelove| The power is in your images

Being a blogger, you always search for new ways of improving your relationship with your readers and brands. Recently, I came across this new interactive way of helping my readers buying the products I display on my blog. Here’s how it works! photo Blog_Post_imagem_capa_zpsipgdbef7.png

What is PrimeTag and why it is important for you?

PrimeTag is a specialized platform for products’ identification on images in order to check the value you deserve. Today, most of the brands apply their marketing investment in conventional advertising (Facebook and Google Ads, etc.) ignoring a better reality.

The value of influence and credibility that you transmit to your audience when promoting a product is tremendous. However, there is no easy way to satisfie your readers interest, because the question is always “ Where can I buy this?”.

Also, you don’t have a way of measuring your influence so certain brands can invest in yourself. With Primetag, brands will be able to know what kind of return will they have by investing in yourself.

What’s in it for me?

PrimeTag presents you various options to add interactive tags to your images that indicate where you can buy each product, so your readers can have easy access to the products in a free way.

You can use Primetag only for sponsored publications, you have a Prime way to increase their interaction and measure their impact. Or, you can use PrimeTag for not sponsored publications by accessing a repository of more than 20,000 brands in vertical fashion, beauty and decoration and more than 10,000,000 products with reward per click or sale.

How does it work?

First, you choose the type of interactive image having at your disposal five options of image templates (you can see the different possibilities in the image below). Then you click on “Pulse generator”, where you start by uploading the image and, soon after, a search and tag the products promoting it. Finalized the creation of the interactive image, you have access to links to share in your channels.

 photo Blog_Post_templates_zpsakisigwc.png

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Brunch at Melt

Because we accept the brunch we think we deserve, and we deserve quite a lot after assignments, exams, work and bad weather days…

 photo IMG_5389_zpsvzifjl2b.jpg  photo IMG_5380_zpsanrur0h0.jpg

I met with the girls for a Brunch during the week at Melt, a new concept of a coffee-house and gourmet store.

 photo IMG_5375_zpsdkaezihe.jpg  photo IMG_5373_zpsd1cikwxq.jpg   photo IMG_5379_zpsgwekcxy8.jpg     photo IMG_5374_zpse1hnjs05.jpg

Between croissants, orange juices and delicious home-baked cakes, we got to do a gossip update while enjoying a sunny day at the terrace.

 photo IMG_5390_zpsp2sddqkl.jpg  photo IMG_5388_zpsi6y1x0i5.jpg  photo IMG_5387_zpsh72jlcty.jpg    photo IMG_5384_zpseco0o2od.jpg  photo IMG_5383_zps6vb7we4m.jpg    photo IMG_5357_zpsmzbrv3pj.jpg  photo IMG_5381_zpsjsiank9a.jpg   photo IMG_5370_zpscf7zgjji.jpg

This place is perfect if you want to bring your laptop, enjoy a good read or even meet your friends for a chilled afternoon. Although, you should keep in mind that you must have time to spare, because the service can be a bit slow.

 photo IMG_5372_zpskirmw1th.jpg  photo IMG_5378_zpsqmn5vdkl.jpg  photo IMG_5394_zpscupbzkxn.jpg   photo IMG_5398_zpskgfnmz2y.jpg


Contact Details photo 11051346_876724285720783_669952506_n_zpsopuoubwr.jpg

Address: Avenida Visconde de Valmor, 40A,
Campo Pequeno, Lisboa
Telephone: +351 217 960 050
Melt on Zomato.


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Burgers & Booze| Dog Town Burger

The good weather in Lisbon wasn’t here to stay. It made a short appearance, two weeks to be exact, and now we’re back finding nice places where we can eat and chill indoors.

Last week we went to Dog Town Burger for the first time. It was raining, of course, but it didn’t stop us from going to Bairro Alto, a Lisbon district very well-known for its bars and nightlife.

 photo IMG_4592_zpsc4p2dqqm.jpg  photo IMG_4564_zpszxtiarbi.jpg  photo IMG_4585_zpsmsqbbxw4.jpg  photo IMG_4607_zpsmzjovzph.jpg

Dog Town Burger is a restaurant and bar with a very cool concept that reflects the surf, skate and urban’s culture. With a relaxing vibe and a good playlist, this can be the perfect place to spend an evening with friends. But here comes the important part: Food.

 photo IMG_4611_zpsgm45gamv.jpg  photo IMG_4613_zpsrhzua7rr.jpg  photo IMG_4623_zpshj2a6bit.jpg  photo IMG_4584_zpsaohiuxfx.jpg

While we indulged in our delicious burgers, a Tony Alva and a Stacy Peralta, we drank one of the best natural juices ever! (Orange juice and Berries & Mango juice).

 photo IMG_4574_zpsjca2s0ir.jpg  photo IMG_4597_zpsgin19twv.jpg  photo IMG_4614_zpslmhsa73z.jpg  photo IMG_4602_zps0y1vxhyt.jpg

I’m not vegetarian, but I do love vegetarian food and I can’t wait to try the green side of Dog Town Burger’s menu, which is quite expensive comparing to other burger restaurants.

I don’t know if this chocolate brownie as a dessert is a technique to make us come back for more, but it totally worked because it was excellent!

 photo IMG_4627_zpsiyfthtsa.jpg

Contact Details

Address: Travessa Água da Flor,
42, 1200-010 Bairro Alto, Lisboa, Portugal
Telephone: +351 969 449 052
Dog Town Burger’s on Facebook.


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My 24th Birthday

Celebrating your birthday can be one of the most stressing plans you’ll have to do during the year. Unless you’re a boring person and don’t celebrate it at all, then you should definitely go read another post.

 photo IMG_4480 copy_zpsad4troed.jpg

I’m the type of person that starts planning my birthday party the moment I finish my latest birthday party, if you know what I mean! And celebrate it the entire weekend. I started with a family dinner with a wonderful view of the “Tejo” river. The restaurant was called “Amarra Ò Tejo“.

 photo IMG_5442_zpsk507hbmc.jpg

This year I decided reunite my friends, the ones I haven’t had the opportunity to be with for photo IMG_7093_zpsrrjb8lbp.jpg 3 years. That was my first reason to make it big, the second one was, you only have 24 years old once in your life.

I spent the afternoon in Lisbon and I had the opportunity to  be one of the first clients of the hair salon Pirez De Campus since it opened last week. Catarina found a way to tame my wild hair in an elegant hairstyle that lasted all night and even the following day. Andreia was responsible for my make up and taught me some tips to make it last longer and what to do on a day to day basis. (Their details are at the bottom of the post).

 photo IMG_7089_zpsm7d5jlkl.jpg  photo IMG_7086_zpssf5qufjs.jpg  photo IMG_7084_zpshupmp6uh.jpg

I planned my birthday dinner at Portofino Restaurant in Sesimbra, near the sea. Although it’s winter in Portugal and the cold doesn’t feel like leaving us, I decided to wear a very summerish dress. The food was deliciously as usual and I want to thank the team for everything. Especially for letting me send a sky lantern and make a wish.

 photo IMG_4461_zpshgtwqa6m.jpg      photo IMG_ss4378_zpsh35q3qmu.jpg  photo IMG_4355_zpsvlpwwekg.jpg  photo IMG_4516_zpszhgdfsw8.jpg  photo IMG_4349_zpslpcgxgus.jpg    photo IMG_4525_zpssfumm5nd.jpg photo IMG_4404_zpsi2ehgw0t.jpg    photo IMG_4387_zpsibdmdh3h.jpg

 photo IMG_4348_zpsxmovs7ts.jpg

Contact Details photo 11025977_814123998642111_1743281211744621336_o_zpsaos22hbl.jpg

Dress from Cali Girl here.

Hairstyle by CutbyKate here.
Make up by AndreyaDeus here.
Portofino Restaurant here.
Cake by Nortejo here.


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